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Jeffrey Erickson Joins SPS: Set to Compete in #22 Jr. Late Model at All-American Speedway


Las Vegas, NV – Sigma Performance Services (SPS) is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our racing family, the talented 14-year-old Jeffrey Erickson from Phoenix, AZ. Jeffrey will be in the #22 Jr. Late Model with his debut race slated for this weekend at the renowned All-American Speedway in Roseville, CA.

Jeffrey Erickson began his racing journey at just 5 years old, eagerly following in the tire tracks of his older brother, Bradley Erickson. Jeffrey’s talent and passion for racing propelled him to success early in his career. He secured marquee race victories at iconic locations such as Daytona in his Quarter-Midget showcasing skill and racecraft well beyond his years.

In 2020, Jeffrey continued his success. Competing in his Bandolero at Madera Speedway, he clinched victory in all nine series races earning him a championship and further solidifying his status as a rising star in the racing world. His journey has seen him come up through the ranks in the INEX Legend car division at the Las Vegas Bullring, and more recently, make fast progress in his Jr. Late Model.

Joe Farrè, Bradley Erickson, Jeffrey Erickson, and TJ Clark

Joining Sigma Performance Services marks a significant milestone for Jeffrey. It provides him with a platform to further hone his skills and continue making strides in his career. “I’m very excited to join Sigma Performance Services. At our recent test, I felt very confident about the car and our team. We’re ready for the upcoming races, and I feel like we can perform well,” said Jeffrey.

SPS is committed to nurturing Jeffrey’s immense talent and is excited to see him exceed expectations and achieve new heights in the #22 Jr. Late Model. “Watching Jeffrey perform at our recent test session was amazing. His focus and consistency, coupled with his natural talent and enthusiasm, are very encouraging. We look forward to working with Jeffrey and his support team to enjoy a successful future moving forward,” said Joe Farrè, SPS Team Owner.

Jeffrey Erickson In the #22 Jr. Late Model

Jeffrey’s first race under the Sigma Performance Services will take place this weekend at the prestigious All-American Speedway in Roseville, CA. We invite racing enthusiasts, supporters, and fans to join us in cheering Jeffrey on as he embarks on this new journey and adds to his impressive list of accomplishments. We look forward to seeing all of you in Victory Lane!


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About Sigma Performance Services:

Based in the heart of Las Vegas, Sigma Performance Services stands as a testament to excellence in automotive racing. Spearheaded by Joe Farrè, the SPS program has rapidly evolved into a frontrunner in the racing community, blending cutting-edge technology with proven strategies to dominate the track.

Sigma Performance Services is built on passion, innovation, and performance. SPS, under Farrè's leadership, has cultivated a team that shares a unified vision: to push the boundaries of what's possible in racing. The race shop in Las Vegas serves as the epicenter of our operations, where every member, from engineers to pit crew, works in tandem to optimize performance and achieve unparalleled results.

At Sigma Performance Services, we're driving the future of racing, one race at a time.

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About Jeffrey Erickson:

Emerging from the sunny realms of Phoenix, Arizona, Jeffrey Erickson, at 14 years of age, is a promising young talent in the thrilling world of motorsports. Beginning his extraordinary venture into racing at the age of 5, he has displayed not only phenomenal skills on the track, but also an unwavering determination and a love for the sport.


Jeffrey Erickson Joins SPS: Set to Compete in #22 Jr. Late Model at All-American Speedway


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