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SPS Announces Driver Lineup for 2021 SRL Season

SPS Press Release 11/12/20

Las Vegas, NV.- As the abbreviated 2020 season draws to an end, Sigma Performance Services (SPS) and its dedicated partners are pleased to announce their driver lineup for the 2021 Season.

Owner and founder of SPS, Joe Farré, stated “SPS could not be more proud of our driver lineup for the 2021 season. It is not often that you can have your driver lineup locked in this early in the planning cycle. This feat is simply a reflection of the strength and dedication of our relationships with our team partners and friends.”

SPS will field the following driver lineup for the 2021 race season:

#12W Jim Wulfenstein - SRL Super Late Model

#12J – Johnathan Mawhinney - SRL Super Late Model *

#21 – Kole Raz - SRL Super Late Model

#25 – Brandon Farrington - SRL Super Late Model

#54 – Preston Peltier - Super Late Model

#54F – Joe Farré - Super Late Model

#54A – Dustin Ash - Super Late Model, Pro Late Model, Legend Car

The SPS 2021 driver roster is deep with tenured drivers such as Peltier, Wulfenstein, Farré and Ash who will be joined by an exciting new crop of up and coming drivers in Brandon Farrington, Kole Raz, and Johnathan Mawhinney.

While Farrington and Mawhinney have both showed strong runs in select SRL events in 2020, Kole Raz patiently applied pressure and skill in winning the Arizona State NASCAR championship in Super Late Models. The 2021 season will tell whether these new drivers have what it takes to endure the rigors of a full season in the SRL, and it will be exciting to see youth and vigor challenge tenure and experience.

Along with its new driver and team lineup SPS is pleased to recognize its valuable partnerships with long-time team supporter Jim Wulfenstein and the Wulfenstein Construction Organization. Jim Wulfenstein has been a fixture in the local Las Vegas Racing scene for several decades. Jim is close friends with Farré.

Newer to the team is the dedicated support of Brad and JoAnn Corneliusen, and the Tucson Motorsports, Inc. (TMI) organization. Brad and JoAnn are deeply committed to the support and development of our team drivers. Brad and JoAnn stepped up to make a significant contribution to the SPS team effort in both 2020 and 2021, and “we look forward to a long and successful relationship with Brad, JoAnn and the TMI group for years to come,” state Farré. Sigma Engineering Solutions, Inc., owned by Joe Farré, will also return as a continued supporter of the SPS team and organization. “SIGMA” provided the foundation and support necessary to form and develop the new SPS organization. The “SPS” organization represents the latest culmination of past race team programs, and race car manufacturing ventures, developed under Joe Farré and the “Sigma Engineering Solutions” umbrella.

The new SPS program includes a broadened group of new resources such as its Director of Race Operations, Preston Peltier. Peltier, who brings a strong resume of national level competition experience to the SPS group will be backed by a tenured group of up and coming crew chiefs in Jimmy Parker Sr., Dustin Ash and Charlie Wahl. Adding to the team are the shop and design groups based who look to Chuck Wahl and his nearly 50 years of fabrication and competition experience. Chuck’s group includes the help and support

of Chris Pulliam and Garrett Wallace. SPS will continue to share its new line of custom parts and racing design developments in 2021, as it is backed by the latest in computer-based engineering and experience by the Sigma Engineering design team.

While there are a lot of “new” additions to the SPS team, one thing has not changed, and that is the personal and “family” style relationships that the SPS organization prides itself on. Joe Farré shared, “our partnerships and relationships go back many years with our team members and partners. I’ve known Jim Wulfenstein for nearly 20 years now, and our Tucson partners have been involved with Dustin Ash for several past seasons.” The SPS team takes pride in its long-lasting relationships, family style environment, and the fierce competitiveness that lives in each of its team members and partners.

*NOT YET SIGNED - SPS is working closely with Johnathan Mawhinney and his Delta Gunite support team to develop a 2021 season plan. While the details are not finalized, SPS is proud to share that we look forward to working with, and supporting, the Mawhinney team in accomplishing their season goals. “I’ve raced with, and known, Johnathan and his family for more than 10 years now. They have worked hard for this opportunity, and we want to do everything we can to help them achieve a decade long goal to put a strong SRL season-long challenge together,” stated Joe Farré.

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