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Spencer Clark 
Driven Foundation

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Spencer Clark Driven Foundation is a testament to the spirit and legacy of Spencer Clark, a racer whose impact went far beyond the track. Known for his exceptional talent in racing and even greater heart for the racing community, Spencer's ethos forms the cornerstone of our foundation. He possessed an unparalleled knack for assisting racers of all ages and levels of experience, offering guidance, support, and encouragement. In honor of Spencer's generous spirit, the Driven Foundation is dedicated to continuing his work, fostering a supportive environment for racers who aspire to reach new heights in their careers.


The Driven foundation’s mission is to empower young racers, providing them with the resources, knowledge, and opportunities necessary to excel both on and off the racetrack. The foundation believes that by understanding the intricacies of the machines they command and the strategies of racing, young drivers can significantly improve their skills, making them not just racers, but masters of their craft. This comprehension is crucial for those who aim to progress to higher levels of racing, where competition is fierce and the demands are even greater.


To achieve our goals, the Driven Foundation organizes a variety of fundraising events, including Golf Tournaments, Poker Tournaments, and driving schools, among others. These events not only celebrate the vibrant racing community but also generate essential funds to support our programs. The proceeds are directly invested in helping race car drivers through scholarships, educational programs, and hands-on training sessions designed to enhance their racing skills and knowledge.


The vision extends beyond the immediate horizon of racing. The Driven foundation is committed to building a legacy that echoes Spencer Clark's values: dedication, support, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. By nurturing young talents and providing them with a solid foundation, the foundation aims to prepare them for success in racing and in life.


The Spencer Clark Driven Foundation invites you to join us in this noble cause. Together, we can fuel the dreams of young racers, honor Spencer's memory, and ensure his passion for racing lives on through the generations to come.


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